Lavender Consulting

Top Print and Design consulting, based in the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead


We are often handed text and picture files by our clients, and then asked to come up with some ideas.

We are fortunate to work with great designers who enjoy this kind of challenge, and they are eager to apply their creative talents to come up with eye-catching and imaginative designs for you. Whether working from your specific brief or a ‘blank sheet’, we are sure you will be impressed with the compelling and effective design solutions that we can offer.

Alternatively, you may have artwork to supply us with that is ready to go to print, or perhaps some artwork from ‘back in the day’ that just needs updating a little. Either way, our designers are happy to check your artwork over, and tweak the design to make sure you end up with a top class job.

You get the final say as PDF proofs (or hard copy proofs in some cases)  for you to sign off prior to printing, are a standard feature of our design service.